Animal Rescues Get Celebrity Love: 7 Musicians Who Really Love Animals

billy corgan

Musicians and celebrities: They love their furry friends just like us! All joking aside, though, it’s swell to discover that your favorite artist supports animal rescues and rights, and abhors animal cruelty, isn’t it?

1. Billy Corgan

Recently, I spied Billy Corgan, the frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins, on the cover of a Chicago pet shelter’s magazine and that got me thinking – what other musicians support animal rescues and animal rights? Well, I’ve done a bit of research, and found a handful of other stellar artists who love and support animals, too.

First, though, a bit more about Billy Corgan’s love for pets and animal rescues:

Corgan, along with Sammi and Mr. Thom, Corgan’s two rescued kittens, made the cover of PAWS Chicago magazine, a publication for the no-kill animal shelter, PAWS Chicago. The rescue runs a spay and neuter clinic, and adopts out pets. Corgan also has helped the organization by donating prizes to the shelter’s auctions and speaking on the awesomeness of pet adoptions.

Now, onto the other artists.

2. Kesha

This singsong pop artist uses her pedestal to raise awareness for all our furry friends. She speaks out on a variety of animal cruelty issues, which includes how poorly some wild animals are treated. The singer also supports cruelty-free makeup brands. Also: In 2013, she was awarded the Wyler Award from The Humane Society of the United States. Way to go, Kesha!

3. Moby

Moby jumped aboard the vegan train when he was 21 and he’s also an animal rights activist. Moby also has co-edited a book about factory farms called, “Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety (Thinking Twice About the Meat We Eat),” and created an animal rights t-shirt design for PETA. Read all about why Moby decided to become vegan (hint: he loves animals) by reading the March 2014 essay he wrote for Rolling Stone.

4. Pink

Pink is incredibly vocal about animal rights. She is an avid supporter of rescue shelters and encourages people to volunteer at the ASPCA. She’s known for telling friends to adopt rather than buy from puppy mills, which often leave puppies sick and malnourished.

5. Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple loved her dying pup so much so that she canceled a recent tour to stay by the side of her dog. She wrote a heartfelt explanation to fans that shows just how much pet lovers adore their furry buddies.

6. Paul McCartney

Sir Paul has worked with PETA for more than 20 years! McCartney is an advocate for vegetarianism and has always spoken out about how animal cruelty is wrong. The Beatles and Wings founder also wrote a letter asking former KFC CEO David Novak to implement PETA’s eight-point plan to stop the worst abuses to chickens, and narrated the heartbreaking animal rights documentary, “Glass Walls.” (Note: This video includes some very hard to watch material. Consider before pressing play.)

7. Emmylou Harris

This country superstar is a big fan of PETA’s spay and neuter campaigns. Harris also is the founder of Bonaparte’s Retreat, a dog rescue that opened its doors in 2004. And bonus: The talented artist also is a vegetarian.

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