Anything But Shorts, Please

In a world gone mad, shorts emerge as a hot trend and thankfully, skirts are there to save us.

You open up your summer dresser drawer and there are two pairs of worn out shorts. One pair, circa 1990, were for you used to hike a lot and wanted comfort and the other pair is what you considered “dressy” five years ago – and they’re now too tight around your belly.

You realize that while the outside sun beckons your legs for a go-around, these same two pairs of shorts are the only ones you’ve ever liked, that didn’t balloon out on the hips, squeeze your gut unmercifully or resemble a pair of cropped yoga pants. You need to replace them…but where are the replacements?

Did we happen to mention that shorts are the fun new summer trend?

Gasp, gulp, cough…

Let’s get real. It’s summer and shorts are what we are supposed to be wearing (on the beach, post surfing, hiking), but when it comes to prancing around town, this writer is going to bow out and place the shorts category alongside a strong disdain for sneakers. If I don’t have to wear them, sister, I am not.

I say bring on the skirts and a respite from calling attention to everything I don’t want to.

Here’s a list of skirts that are hip and stomach friendly:

Nau’s Out Skirt

We love Nau’s sexy spin on a utility skirt. This bold, asymmetrical linen skirt is accented by cargo pockets, a kick pleat, tab buttons and a hip-loving adjustable waistband. Organic cotton/organic linen blend.


Prairie Underground’s Prairie Skirt

Prairie Underground’s fully layered and lined, 100% organic cotton voile skirt features an elastic waist, and a fun, front adjustable tie that cinches and bustles the skirt or lets it go loose.


Shabd’s Citrine Strata Miniskirt

Shabd’s hand dyed, silk miniskirt distracts with individually hand-dyed geode patterns sewn with alternating bands of color


Spun’s Pencil Skirt

You’ve got to have a go-to skirt and Spun’s Pencil Skirt might be that one. The elastic waist allows it to be worn comfortably on the hips or pulled up as a high-waisted style. Side seam pockets and front and back pleating add flattering details.


Kaight’s Harvey Faircloth Circle Skirt

Harvey Faircloth’s circle skirt is complete “boho chic” with slanted side pockets and hitting on the natural waist. Made from vintage “Sante Fe” fabric. This skirt was made exclusively for New York City’s Kaight.


Filly’s Safi Skirt

Filly’s Safi Skirt is to sweet to be true. Made from four layers of fine cotton voile gathered at the top in a band of organic jersey.


Clary Sage’s Bubble Skirt

Made of organic slub jersey, this full mini skirt from Clary Sage Organics can be worn longer with the top rolled down or shorter with the top rolled up. Perfect for a tank top or fitted t-shirt.


Stewart+Brown’s Cinch Skirt

Stewart+Brown always makes great easy skirts and their hemp Cinch Skirt is a great example of what we’re talking about. The skirt not only features a beautiful drape, it has a cinched drawstring on the hip to give a gathered effect.


Popomomo’s Pocket Skirt

Popomomo always makes us feel young and ready to have fun. This high waisted Pocket Skirt has three buttons down the back for closure and of course, big pockets at sides.


Image: TPWP

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.