Aquaovo Therm-O Giveaway


Dear Bottled Water,

We see right through you. Your harmful BPA. The way you litter our landfills. The millions of oil barrels it takes to produce and transport you every year. Suffice to say, you’re in hot water.

Thankfully, a new water filtration company called Aquaovo is working hard to reduce our dependence on you. Aquaovo’s signature product, the Ovopur, is an award-winning water filter that’s as eco-conscience as they come and as stylish as we’ve seen.

Designed with sustainable, renewable and recyclable materials, the attractive, egg-shaped Ovopur© filters water through its exclusive Aquacristal© cartridge. Inspired by the same filtration process found in nature, the cartridge consists of four unique layers of crystals that neutralize, sanitize, soften and purify water – all without the use of electricity.

Says Ovopur’s designer Manuel Desrochers: “Our bodies are made of 70 percent water, and I thought to myself, what better way to take care of my health than drink the purest water available. After years of learning about water purity, I discovered a better way to filter water than what’s currently on the market. Then, I designed a filter that would be artistic and beautiful enough for people to admire and think of water in a new way.”

To show our support for Aquaovo’s efforts, we’re giving away an Aquaovo Therm-O to one lucky EcoSalon reader. The 16.9 oz glass bottle, which retails for $28, is a sleek and safe alternative to your harmful plastic variety. In addition, the double-pane design makes the Therm-O perfect for both hot and cold liquids. It even comes with a built in tea strainer.

We hate to pour it on, but that’s a lot more than you can say, Bottled Water.


P.S. For complete giveaway rules go here, and you’ll find FTC guidelines here. The giveaway will end Tuesday, April 27 at 11:59pm (PST). Good luck! And don’t miss our other Earth Week giveaway, which includes three sets of LUSH’s most popular naked products wrapped in an eco-conscious Knot-Wrap!