Are Meditation Studios the Soul Cycle of Om?

Are Meditation Studios the Soul Cycle of Om?

We had to see it coming, right? A more efficient way to a peaceful mind. Meditation studios may be the best new way to get your om on.

You have Soul Cycle for quick and effective fitness. Drybar offers blowouts on the fly. Juice Stop means no dealing with (or purchasing) that Vitamix. You can even grab a fast massage or mani in most any mall or airport. Why did we not think meditation would join the ranks of convenience services and pop up shops?

Well that is exactly where the practice has headed with meditation studios cropping up across the country. Unplug Meditation opened in LA last spring by former fashion editor, Suze Yalof Schwartz. There are now studios in most every major city in the US. Doubt it? Just google “meditation studios” and see what comes up near you. It is a legit thing.

So we know what takes place when we set foot in a cycling studio or blowdry bar. But what exactly goes on inside a meditation studio?

Most of these studios offer a menu of services similar to a spa. Only these services work on the mind rather than the skin. Choose from drop-in classes that focus and center participants. Some, like Unplug, also offer issue-specific sessions that address things like phobias, anxiety, or eating disorders. All handled over your lunch break.

Schwartz says the idea of studio-style meditation came to her as a solution to the lack-of-time issue most of us deal with these days. We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation. While even a little meditation is better than none, the problem lies in actually carving out the time to practice.

The clean, calming design of a studio atmosphere, plus the class setting, means many people who wouldn’t ordinarily take time to meditate can now easily fit it into their busy day. A mere 30-45 minutes is the typical length of a meditation class. Stop in, get your zen on, and be on your merry, enlightened little way.

While this quick and dirty approach to mindfulness may seem like a contradiction, it could be just the thing to bringing our group-obsessed culture more peace. But maybe those of us who are more introverted prefer to do our meditating in private. Or do we? Peaceful setting. Guided mindfulness. And, oh, the efficiency. With meditation accounting for better mood, glowing skin, reduced aches and pains, and a variety of other feel goods, insta-clarity is sounding pretty great.

Would or have you gone to a meditation studio yet? We’d love to know what you are thinking!

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