Are the Bees Insane? Whale Hearts the Size of Small Cars?

Honey Bee

Nature is truly a wonder. The more we know the more we realize we don’t know.

For example, I read in a NY Times article that scientists, in collaboration with the military, may have discovered the cause of the bee population declines. The recent study shows that it has likely been the result of a fungus and virus working together in concert to the bees’ demise. Fungi and viruses in cahoots? So much for our pesticide and air pollution theories. Although, questions remain as to what makes the bees fly off in their death spiral, apparently a common trait of the bee disappearance mystery. “Insect insanity” is one of the proposed theories. Well hey, why not? What creature wouldn’t go crazy on the verge of death?

Once again, fact proves stranger than fiction. Speaking of, did you hear about the 80-foot, 75-ton whale that washed up onshore in California’s San Mateo County? The fact that the blue whale was pregnant is a tragedy. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel awe at the massive size of this ocean beast. The article mentions that the whale’s heart is probably about the size and weight of a VW Beetle. I guess research will never tell us exactly what that whale’s heart was feeling in its last throes. But I do sense the makings of a new indie pop song.

Image: wwarby