Arm Chair Travel With These DIY Map Projects

Life is a highway gets literal with these mapped out DIY projects.

Passionate about travel? Why not use maps as home décor or in projects to inspire you. Using maps not only fits in with the spirit of repurposing something old but they offer a warm, vintage feel that is oh so lovely. Using maps throughout your home can evoke happy memories of past road trips and vacations, or provide fantasy fodder for the road next traveled.

You can find maps at bookshops, thrift stores, garage sales and swap meets for affordable prices or free. Here are some creative ways to incorporate them into your home projects.

Use one as a window shade like in the photo above.

Line your drawers with them.

Use map pages for a chandelier.

Map art made by stitching your vacation route and framing it.

Go big and use maps as wallpaper.

DIY some envelopes.

Add some privacy by using maps to cover a glass door.

Paint your own.

Make a map garland.

Keep it simple.

A map’s colors and shapes add a graphic punch to any room or project. No wonder we slated it as a trend to watch.