The Color of My Car-bon


Imagine driving along the road and seeing puffs of green or red smoke coming out of the car in front of you. If the new conceptual device created by artist Karolina Sobecka were to enter production, it could happen.

Sobecka is in the process of developing the puff, a cartoon cloud-shape car accessory that will attach to a car’s frame near the exhaust pipe and illuminate the amount of carbon emissions a car is discharging through three colors – white, green, and red. White would indicate the low levels, green moderate levels and fire engine red high levels of carbon emissions. (Hold your homeland security alert jokes, please.)

A companion iPhone app will also be available, designed to provide real time visualization of the emissions as well as driving data.

Alas, according to Sobecka, the puff is not heading for the market place. Instead, she has created it to generate discussion and dialogue about car usage. Her site, the Amateur Human, will eventually offer a Do It Yourself game plan, that will allow anyone to build on this concept and further personalize their approach to eco-consciousness.

To learn more about the puff, check out this interview with Sobecka at CleanTechnica.