The Healthy Habit of Babywearing


Years ago, when I was traveling in Peru, I became enamored with the way Andean women carried their babies – in blankets tied around their backs.

It made so much sense; after all, strollers are heavy, expensive and impossible to push up a mountain trail or crowded cobblestone mercado. The mamachas had their hands free and their young children were safe and secure, held so close to their mother’s body. I vowed then and there that if I ever had children, I’d wear them that way too.

And now that I’m a mom, that’s what I do; I wear my baby.

Easy and practical, babywearing is commonplace all over the world. The health benefits are many for both baby and mom.

Benefits for Baby:

twig1 Held babies cry much less than those kept in a crib or stroller.

twig1 Closeness to mom makes baby feel safe and secure.

twig1 Allows baby to see the world the way we do, rather than through the bars of a crib or at knee-level in a stroller.

twig1 Baby’s temperature, heart rate and breathing are better regulated when they’re close to another human body.

twig1 Proximity to mom makes it easier to get needs met.

twig1 Baby gets to bond with you, not toys and furniture!

Benefits for Mom:

twig1 Increased bonding and communication with baby.

twig1 With your hands free and your child happy, it’s easier to get things done!

twig1 Increase your core strength and get more exercise.

twig1 No need to struggle with heavy car seats or drag strollers out of the car.

twig1 Discreet and hands-free nursing.

twig1 It’s easier to play with your toddler while holding your baby close to you. Keeping both kids happy is priceless.

twig1 Your baby is closer to you, thereby easier to hug and kiss! (And isn’t that what it’s all about?)

And of course, it’s good for the environment!

Babywearing is stylish, too. Gone are the days of clunky baby backpacks. Now you can get downright sassy with the fashion, with slings coming in every kind of cloth, print and style imaginable. Mamas: wear your baby and show the world your eco-friendly, down-to-earth values, too.

The sling I use: Baby K’Tan

Highly recommended by friends: Moby Wrap and Maya Wrap

Great for dads: Baby K’Tan and Baby Bjorn

And for the crafty among you who’d prefer to make your own: DIY baby carrier links.