Bad Ads: Would You Like Some Crotch With That Water?

A new bottled water ad begs the question: Really? 

When I see that up-skirt photo, an ad for Watta Pure bottled water, I have a lot of questions. Is the girl so drunk that a kind friend shoved a bottle of water between her legs so she’ll remember to hydrate? Or maybe it’s that she’s not that drunk and knows enough to cover her junk with a bottle of water when all those paparazzi are around?

No matter how the bottle got there, or what that woman plans to do with it later, I think we can agree that this campaign from the all-male team over at Avance WWP is selling one thing — and it’s not water.

This is just a lame ad that, unfortunately, will inspire people to check out the site and see what all of the fuss is about. But, judging by the comments on the company’s Facebook page, consumers might be clicking, but they won’t be buying — a case of giving away the milk, perhaps?

While there are a few “nice ad, bro” posts in the public opinion mix, this post from Minas M. sums up the general consensus: “shyte campaign.” We couldn’t agree more.

Find out more about how bottled water is contributing to the global water crisis and women looking stupid, then go out and get a reusable bottle; where you keep it is up to you.

Photo: Watta Pure Water