Balancing Consumption and Charity


Maatiam is an online shopping portal of over 200,000 retailers that donates a portion of every purchase to a charity of the buyers choice. And if you’re not sure which charity you’d like to help Maatiam provides a list of 800,000 charities to choose from such as such as the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, the American Bird Conservancy  and Africa Aid

With consumers gaining social consciousness, Maatiam empowers everyone to make a positive impact with everyday purchases turning each consumer into a philanthropist and every online purchase into a donation. As the holiday season quickly approaches, now is a great time to place Maatiam on your computer toolbar so the next time you order Legos for your nephew, you can also feed a hungry child. One example is a customer who bought a PC from Dell and generated a $10.18 donation to International Children’s Assistance Network. Another purchase at generated a $25.92 donation to Orphans of Rwanda. Some of the participating corporations include Barnes & Noble, Target, and Expedia so the next time you plan a trip, buy a book, or need something for your home, feel good knowing that you’re also helping to make the world a better place.

Image: zaxl4