Bamboo + Tunes = Perfect Recipe for a Party


We could debate the greenness of Apple products for days, but that wouldn’t stop the gadget obsessed among us from owning an iPad or iPod. So, instead we’ll talk about our favorite stylish, yet sustainable accessories. We’ve already blogged rhapsodic about this solar iPod speaker and this upcyclced iPod dock.

Our latest infatuation? The Vers Wood iPod Player 2x ($180).

Those of you who get off on tech specs will be pleased to know that it features 15-watt speakers and dual port design for deeper base. Plus, this iPod player has energy-efficient components and a chic, curvaceous frame made of rapidly-renewable bamboo.

But it doesn’t merely fill a room with the melodious sounds of your iTunes library, it also charges your iPod (or MP3 player, since it has a universal MP3 dock) so your favorite gadget be ready to go whenever you are.

Wait, did we call this a mere infatuation? Because methinks it might be love “¦