Parisian Androgyny Offers Sexy Design Details

Soak in the androgynous details of this space.

Does your interior have a sexual identity? Lounging in Paris, is an interior with a perfect mixture of masculine strength and feminine daintiness. The harmless over-generalization of sexual characteristics is rampant within the walls of this Paris flat, home to fashion designer Martin Grant. The resulting androgynous space is a balance of everything distinctive and nothing inconsistent.

The crisp white walls are the attic enclosure of a house from 1880. Just in case a historic attic in Paris isn’t romantic enough, he also boasts a view of Paris ridge from this humble home in the Marais district. The private sixth floor home is entirely detailed, right down to the olive tree on the patio. Grant’s interior mimics his fashion style, “Both reflect his refined sense of texture, volume, and choice of classic fabrics.”

More contrasts in the form of rugged wooden beams and the earthy, rustic textures of natural wood planks are the definition of masculinity while the soft glisten of silk drapes and sensual curves of the Parisian fireplace are classically feminine. While when it comes to sexuality, more androgyny sprinkled throughout with polished stainless steel surfaces adjacent to a supple pink counter top and clean modern lined upholstery embellished with floral prints and delicate patterns.

Martin loves to peruse second hand stores, flea markets, and antique shops. His home even contains a Scandinavian chair he found in a trash container (which proves my theory that everything is better in Paris, even the trash).

What about your home-Is it masculine? Feminine? Brilliantly androgynous?

(Images beautifully shot by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer for Vartnya Hem.)