Beauty Review: Best Winter Body Moisturizers


Winter can be rough, and nowhere is it rougher than on your skin.  It’s cold, it’s dry, and you’re more concerned with keeping your legs warm than silky smooth. When you’re rushing out of the warm shower and hurrying to get into your clothes, it can be hard to take that beat to lather up dry skin. And before you know it you wake up, and your body is drier than a Halloween pumpkin in November.

But not to worry! I was lucky enough to test a slew of eco-friendly moisturizers, and I put them through my rigorous list of highly-scientific questions. How well did they moisturize?  How quickly did they moisturize?  And how do you smell, moisturized?  Check out these great, green solutions to keep your skin hydrated.

PhotobucketOpen Your Eyes Organic Moisturizing Lotion by Spa Ritual

Of all the products I lathered up with, this is my favorite. 83% organic, vegan, and paraben-free, this moisture is topped off with light eucalyptus essential oils. Spa Ritual has a fantastic smell – you feel like you’re visiting a spa, which I suppose is the point. This moisturizer is thick, hydrating and fresh. And best of all?  It absorbs quickly, so you won’t feel like your outfit is taking in more of your lotion that your body.


PhotobucketPacifica Body Butter

If you like perfume and deep moisture, this product combines the best of both worlds. These moisturizers are thick, creamy, and definitely leave you with a scented, lasting silkiness.  They are available in florals, fruits, herbs and spices, woods and resins. I sampled the Hawaiian Ruby Guava and trailed around a light, fruity scent for hours after. Pacifica products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates and lead wicks. The company is working towards carbon neutrality and uses no animal ingredients, including beeswax.

PhotobucketBlood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk by John Masters Organics

This is another highly-scented moisturizer with a light, subtly sweet scent.  It has a great consistency and absorbs very quickly – you don’t have to spend a lot of time airing your skin after application. Made with certified organic ingredients, the blood orange detoxifies and promotes collagen, while milk thistle extracts provide an antioxidant to smooth and nourish your skin.  John Masters Organics are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. They are cold-pressed and fair-trade.

PhotobucketKiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer

Kiss My Face has been doing natural longer than most companies, so it’s no surprise they got body moisture right. While I couldn’t find any direct evidence that this product is organic, these moisturizers are paraben-free and contain no animal ingredients, artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals. I sampled the lavender shea moisture, which was light and silky. More importantly, they have an easy scent that is in no way overwhelming. You can apply it and not feel like you’ve jumped in neck-deep to a pool of lavender oils.  On second thought, that sounds kind of appealing. Next article, a look at pools of lavender oils!

Editor’s note: Please welcome Katherine Butler, our new organic beauty product review writer. Katherine will be testing and reporting on everything from the least sticky lip gloss to the best conditioner for unruly hair, so stay tuned for her biweekly column.

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.