Meet the Holy Grail of Sunscreen


Sunscreen can be, well, complicated. It’s like the bad boyfriends of our earlier twenties. We were told they were necessary at the time, but were they really worth the hassle in the end? As we recently reported, the Environmental Working Group declared that skin cancer is on the rise partially due to the extensive chemicals found in common sunscreens. Common sunscreens are causing damage on the cellular level. Just like our ex-boyfriends did. See how it’s all circular?

So it’s imperative to keep our sunscreens as chemical-free as possible. This brings us to the tactile portion of your reading experience – and that is how the sunscreen feels. I’ve been lucky enough to sample organic and natural sunscreens galore, so I feel like I’ve run a marathon of sunscreens. Texture is everything. A sunscreen may be made from wild berries grown organically on Venus, but if it’s too oily, I’m out. And if it has a hint of chalkiness to it, it might as well be battery acid. “˜Cause I ain’t using it.

Why am I admitting to be a total sunscreen diva? Because I know I have secret sisters out there who have the same worries. Well worry no more, my divalicious brethren! I’ve found a face sunscreen that serves up the best of all worlds. Coola Suncare’s Mineral Face Matte Finish SPF 30 is like the holy grail of sunscreen. It’s free of parabens, preservatives, and chemicals, and it is made with certified organic ingredients. It offers both UVA/UVB protection.

And best of all? It goes on like air. Due to the matte finish, it offers up an almost powdery application that leaves your skin feeling like you just dusted with cover up, not slicked with sunscreen. It was so ingenious that I immediately contacted the founder of Coola Suncare, Chris Birchby, to ask the secrets to this matte finish. (Full disclosure: Chris is also a friend of mine from Lafayette College. Does this mean I’m biased? Only against Lehigh University – Go Pards!)

I asked Chris to explain how the “matte” concept came about for this sunscreen. According to Chris, “While our chemists were experimenting with the best way to achieve a transparent zinc and titanium dioxide based sun block, they developed this wonderful powdery matte formulation. The cashmere powder feel immediately hooked us!”

Chris goes on to explain just what makes this matte so special. As Chris told me, “All our products are unique in their own way, but this matte powder cream offers a perfect counterpoint to our ultra sheer SPF lotions and is ideal for normal to oily skin types.”

Now, this product isn’t cheap at $36 for almost two ounces. Coola’s Suncare is preservative free, so you’re going to want to use it and use it well. You can order it here or find a store near you.

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Image: Adam Witwer

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.