Best Sites for Sustainable Wood Furniture

You’re shopping online for stylish, eco-friendly furniture. You want to do your part in helping the environment but don’t want to be tricked by greenwash. Sustainable wood yields a myriad of chic designs and, with the trustworthy green sites below, you’ll find just what you desire.

Cocopa features a wide assortment of classic sustainable wood furniture that will embellish your home with timeless elegance. Check out their eco-policy for a reassured state of mind.

The team at Structured Green makes it a point to clearly specify what makes each and every product on their site environmentally-friendly. You’ll find a variety of sustainable wood furniture from a number of designers all through one source.-
As members of 1% for the Planet, Maku Furnishings think green with more than just their sustainable materials by donating a percentage of their profit to this global environmental movement.


By far the most accessibly chic company with a heart is the green-to-the-core VivaTerra. I love the high level of quality and craftsmanship in the versatile and distinctive wood pieces – and yet the items are still within my budget. Not inexpensive, but a great value, making anything you find from VivaTerra sustainable in more ways than one.

Images courtesy of respective company retail websites. Note: VivaTerra is an EcoSalon sponsor.