Better than Cash: LA Home to World’s First Fresh Juice ATM


Think LA couldn’t get any more…well…LA? Then you probably haven’t seen the juice ATM in Beverly Hills yet.

Believe it or not, living in Los Angeles can actually be stressful, despite the gorgeous sunshine and all-too-frequent celebrity sightings in Whole Foods (recently spotted: Dana Carvey and Alec Baldwin).

The traffic and smog can make you feel like you need a pick-me-up and detox at all hours of the day, and that’s not even considering what a night of clubbing in Hollywood will do to your liver. (Don’t hate the players, people, hate the game.)

Fresh fruits and vegetable juices (skip the bottled OJs from concentrate in 7-Eleven) have loads of rejuvenating power and immune-boosting support that can do wonders for your energy levels, healthy and vitality. But come on, how many juice bars do you know of that are open 24-hours a day? Unless you consider the grease oozing off a 3am slice of pepperoni pizza “juice,” the answer is probably zero.

That is, until now.

Meet Kreation Juicery, home of the world’s (presumably) first fresh juice ATM–as in an always-accessible vending machine situated outside of the chain’s Beverly Hills location. According to the company’s website, the healthy and delicious fresh-pressed juices are “designed to invigorate the body and mind for all of Los Angeles.” And, get this, all of Kreation’s juices are “made from Farmer’s Market 100% organic fruits and vegetables purchased right here in Santa Monica,” says the website. “They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse, heal, and nourish.”

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Image: kreation

Jill Ettinger

Jill Ettinger is a Los Angeles-based journalist and editor focused on the global food system and how it intersects with our cultural traditions, diet preferences, health, and politics. She is the senior editor for sister websites and, and works as a research associate and editor with the Cornucopia Institute, the organic industry watchdog group. Jill has been featured in The Huffington Post, MTV, Reality Sandwich, and Eat Drink Better.