Biodegradable Shoes: Running Away from Landfill Waste


Logging the miles is good for your heart, but replacing your running shoes every 300-400 miles isn’t too good for the earth. So, folks at Brooks got to work and created BioMoGo midsoles, a non-toxic, natural additive that exponentially increases the rate of biodegradation.

While traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate┞¢ (EVA) midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in an enclosed landfill, Brooks expects (after extensive testing) their BioMoGo will biodegrade in roughly 20 years, breaking down into its component nutrients that can be used by plants and animals.

Calculations show a potential savings of nearly 30 million pounds of landfill waste over a 20-year period. Here’s the part we love: in order to to increase environmental progress, Brooks decided during development that they would offer the innovation to other footwear manufacturers and interested industries. Now that’s what we call sharing the love. The Trance┞¢ 8 with BioMoGo is available at specialty running retailers worldwide and online.