Birds In Your Dining Room


In case you want a bird in your dining room this Thanksgiving, but not on your table – check out these ostrich lovelies from the distant (and more glamorous) cousin of the gobbler.

The Fiela Feather Light by Haldane Martin is a vision of spherical feathers to float over your dining room (or living room, or bedroom). The drama of gentle light filtered through feathers is palpable – if only it were on the menu at my house this year.

Two dimensional ostriches have lingered around EcoSalon before and they are still stunning. The avian wallpaper from Beware the Moon (available here) is a bold way to bring a bird (or seventeen ostriches) into your dining room this Thanksgiving (and of course, being the gracious host you are, invite them to stay year round).

(Photograph Credits: Image 1, Image 2)