Boll & Branch: Change the Indian Economy by Changing Your Sheets?

boll and branch organic cotton sheets indian economy

Why invest in luxury bed linens when any old sheet will do? Because ethically-made bedding is sparking greater equality in the Indian economy.

When it comes to spoiling myself, I’m far more likely splurge on a fancy dinner or long weekend than new bed sheets. After all, we’re just sleeping on them. How much of a difference could 100 percent ethically-made cotton sheets really make? Well, if you’re one of the people who makes sheets, throws, and other linens for new bedding company Boll & Branch, the difference is life-changing.

Boll & Branch is the brain child of angel Investor, Scott Tannen, long recognized as a pioneer in the online marketing and branding space. But it’s not just another company touting eco-friendly luxury while secretly exploiting overseas labor. In addition to creating a gorgeous home furnishing product, Boll and Branch also wants to change the Indian economy for the better.

With a goal of becoming “the TOM’S shoes of bedding companies,” Boll & Branch has broken the typical supply chain. Instead of engaging dozens of middlemen, the company deals directly with farmers and factory workers in India to offer 100 percent organic cotton products exclusively online at a fraction of the cost to the consumer.

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“We’ve chosen to work with a unique group of cotton growers in extremely poor areas of India,” explains the Boll & Branch website. “Our business helps bring economic opportunity to people who need it badly. Many of these growers have been in severe debt from years of purchasing expensive chemicals and pesticides as part of conventional cotton farming techniques. By switching to sustainable organic farming practices, the farmers keep more of the money they make. And, by giving them our business, we’re casting a vote for safer farming techniques.”

In addition to encouraging sustainable cotton cultivation and boosting the Indian economy, Boll & Branch uses only low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes to ensure that even sensitive families can enjoy their products. “Our dyes are considered to be extremely safe and are certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (this not only proves that we use 100% organic cotton, but also certifies that our entire production chain adheres to their rigorous standards). Our dying processes use less heat, water and create less wastewater runoff than conventional chemical-based dying techniques.”

Boll and Branch has also gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone in their supply chain is Fair Trade certified as validated by FTO. This means every worker helping to make Boll & Branch goods are paid and treated fairly, and most importantly, are not children. Child labor is a huge problem in the Indian economy, and one that ethical companies have the power to change, if they simply make the effort.

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So if you’re looking for a way to support equality in the Indian economy while also enjoying finely crafted, ethical bedding, Boll  & Branch is worth your consideration. Their product line includes sheet sets, cable knit throws (which look positively perfect for couch snuggling), and pillow cases. Not only will the soft organic cotton and high thread count make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud, but your conscience will rest easy knowing that your purchase helped create life-changing opportunities for someone else. Prices range from $45 – $200 and up. More at

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