Book Review: Green Kids, Sage Families


There’s so much to think about when raising your children green in a brown world. Food, clothing, shelter – these are just the beginning. What do you do when your child comes home with lice? How do you regulate TV and internet? Any conscious parent will want guidance for these issues in raising their child as holistically and organically as possible.

Lynda Fassa, author of Green Kids, Sage Families provides over 240 pages of such guidance. And the author has taken into account your busyness as a parent and provides useful information in bite-sized chunks that are accessible and fun to read. You can literally flip through this book and pick out what you need in the moment for healthy snack ideas, easy green home improvement, school-related issues, and arts and crafts for toddlers to teens. (Check out Lynda Fassa’s Green Babies, Sage Moms if you’re a new parent of a little one).

Here’s some of what you’ll find out in this book:

- How to host an eco-friendly party
- The truth behind food labels
- Conscious consumerism for teens
- Easy, homemade bath and body products for kids
- Ideas for family meal plans
- Green ideas for the holidays
- Toxic products you absolutely must not allow in your house

Green Kids, Sage Families is a well-rounded read, with plenty suggestions for those on a budget (as many families are) and lots of expert guidance from green CEOs, businessmoms and other “green gurus” with real world experience to help your family thrive organically in the real world.