Be Still Our Book-Hoarding, Architecture-Loving Hearts!


Let other people wax poetic about their iPads or Kindles. I still love the kind of books you can hold in your hand, flip through in a book store, and proudly display on a shelf. Sure, eBooks are more space-efficient, but good ol’ paperbacks and hardcovers lend a certain literary charm to a room. And these XOO Bookends by Vessel Architectural Pottery are the perfect way to punctuate a row of books. They’re artfully modern, yet utterly functional.

Modeled after an iconic Los Angeles building (the American Cement Building, designed by Malcolm Leland in the early sixties), they’re made with clay, water, and fire, and are 100 percent recyclable – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; I wouldn’t be recycling these beauties any time soon. I also love the fact that you can rotate these bookends vertically or horizontally depending on your shelf space.

Alas, the price tag ($220 for the OO Bookend, $190 for the X Bookend) is bit more than I can stomach, but a girl can dream, can’t she? What bookends do you absolutely love? Leave a comment, and let the swooning commence!