Brave the Compost Pile With BioPod Plus


Even if you’re well aware of the benefits of composting your kitchen scraps, keeping smelly food waste and creepy-crawly grubs close by in your backyard might not sound so appealing. I admit, a compost bin isn’t at the top of my list to earn a spot on my city terrace. But some compost piles are easier to manage than others, and when I read about the BioPod Plus, it sounded doable.

While you can create a DIY compost bin out of a coffee can or bigger garbage can, first time composters will probably feel more comfortable with a gadget that will make the task easier. The BioPod Plus is bio-conversion system made for residential situations and small enough for city dwellers to handle. The design of the bin not only helps your scraps keep from stinking up a storm, it also helps kitchen scraps break down fast – in as little as 24 hours. In a few weeks, you’ll have compost that’s ready to be used in the garden or in potted plants. With an average compost pile, you’ll have to wait 6 to 12 months!

Yes, there are grubs involved, but the folks at BioPod assure us they’re the nice kind and even kids can gather the scent-free worms. They might even attract songbirds like cardinals, bluebirds or chickadees. And again, the design of the bin makes it easier because unlike many compost piles in which you need to separate the grubs by hand (yuck!), the BioPod’s design encourages the buggers to migrate out naturally.

In the end, you’ll save energy by skipping the garbage disposal and you’re keeping your food waste out of landfills, too.

Image: lindsay.dee.bunny