Brighten Up Your Back Garden with an Outdoor Rug


Sure a flower garden and green outdoor lighting accessories can add color to your backyard, but an outdoor rug can add a surprising splash of style and color, too. We love the collection of earth-friendly rugs from Fab Habitat that can brighten up your outdoor space in a green way. Each rug is made from recycled polypropylene straws which are tightly woven together.

Although it doesn’t sound like a soft material, you’d be surprised. Plus, the nature of the recycled fabric makes these rugs weather-proof, mildew-resistant and easy to clean – just rinse them off with your garden hose or pour a bucket of water from your rain barrel over top.

eco friendly outdoor rug

If you’re trying to create an impressive outdoor living space, a rug can really work wonders for bringing your backyard style together. On a patio or deck, arrange your furniture around a  patterned rug in a pink, yellow, lime or other vibrant hue. Or if you’re looking to define a dining area in the backyard on your lawn, place your table and chairs on the rug to help to create a room-like feel.

Image: PoshLivingLLC