Bring Nature's Perfume Inside


Solar-powered creations are popping up everywhere these days.

From Tracy Perkins of AzSustainability:

Any woman would be lucky to have this handmade, flame-worked glass beauty hanging in her window. What’s even better than a beautifully-crafted decorative glass ornament? A useful one that boosts your mood while being "green."

Elijah Aller skillfully crafts each diffuser out of the strongest borosilicate glass available with a small reservoir in the top to hold your favorite oils. The diffusers come available with aromatherapeutic pure essential oils from the Strawberry Hedgehog, makers of eco-friendly vegan bath and body products. The pure plant aromas come in 7 effective singular scents. The essential oils can be used to help you with everything from lavender to soothe your mind and body to romantic and sensual patchouli to rev up your love life or bright, clean lemon to refresh and lift your mood. You can even create your own custom blend of essential oils to suite your desires.


This tasteful solar diffuser easily hangs in a sunny window warming the natural oils and releasing their healing properties into the air, no sprays, candles, or electricity needed! Visit strawberryhedgehog to purchase ($45).

Thanks for dropping by, Tracy. AzSustainability is a sustainability blog and green business listings focusing on the state of Arizona.

Image: ahinsajain