Brits List 10 Quirky Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

tea bag

Who says you have to be serious while saving the planet?

Definitely not Envirofone, the UK’s leading mobile phone recycling company. They recently did a survey asking Brits to share their favourite tips on how to reduce their environmental impact. Envirofone surveyed 3000 people, who came up with a mixture of useful and quirky (read: strange) ideas for greening our collective ways. From reusing tea bags to getting creative with underwear (in the name of decency we’re picturing the former), the top 1o tips were:

1. Share a shower.
2. Air your pants, don’t tumble dry them.
3. Turn underwear inside out for, um, extended use.
4. Share your bath water (with the whole family)!
5. Re-use your tea bags (hey, it’s the UK).
6. Use newspaper as wrapping paper this Christmas.
7. Use dirty socks as hankies. (Really?)
8. Recycle your old mobile phones.
9. Use old knickers as dusters.
10. Pee in the shower.

Now I’m more than happy to go with tips #1,2,5,6, and 8 but I have to say the rest of these tips are more than a little out of my comfort zone.

Image: quinn.anya