Brittany Gibbons’ ‘Fat Girl Walking’ Promotes Body Confidence and Owning Your Quirks

Brittany Gibbons' 'Fat Girl Walking' Promotes Body Confidence and Owning Your Quirks

Side effects of reading Brittany’s book may include laughing uncontrollably, writing her a fan letter, and (finally) dealing with your body confidence issues.

Blogger and body advocate Brittany Gibbons calls herself the “internet’s token fat girl,” and her popularity is no mystery: She’s turned the trials and tribulations of being not-so-comfortable with her body into a war cry, encouraging women everywhere to stop treating themselves—and other women—like shit for how they look.

Her book, “Fat Girl Walking“, is a candid and unapologetic memoir that takes you through her childhood, adolescence, college years, and present life, and her incessant body image issues as she fought against the “fat girl” stereotype.

There are several things that make this book so compelling:

1. It’s hysterical

I don’t recommend reading this book in public, especially if you’re prone to snorting when you laugh (unless of course you’re one of those rare unicorns who enjoys being stared at). Gibbons is effing hilarious. Every page contains a hardcore, laugh-out-loud moment that will make you feel like you’re about to throw up. Every. Single. Page.

2. It’s real

But Gibbons isn’t pulling a Chandler Bing: She doesn’t use humor as a way to hide how uncomfortable she is. She uses it to embrace her quirks, even flaunt them. Her book isn’t one of those obnoxious self-help books that offer you cheesy, pukey, paint-by-number solutions to your body confidence issues: In completely being herself and baring it all (sometimes literally), she leads by example, which makes you want to do the same.

3. It’s relatable

Reading “Fat Girl Walking” is like having permission to read Gibbons’ diary. The book is TMI in the best way possible (like the time she taped her vagina shut with Scotch tape, and the time she attempted to have a lesbian experience at summer camp). You end up reminiscing about your own mortifying, pre-pubescent experiences, and you find they’ve now become fond memories.

4. It’s comforting

Gibbons’ book makes you realize that being a mess is way better than trying to morph yourself into a femme bot. We all struggle with something, whether it’s body confidence or not, and her hilarious-yet-poignant tales are like comfort food for your emotions. You’ll feel inspired to unlock the proverbial shackles and live your life on your own terms.

“Fat Girl Walking” is an everygirl’s guide to body confidence, and rocking the tiny quirks that add up to make you whole. By the time you’re done reading, not only will Gibbons go to the top of your girl crush list, but you’ll feel ready to let go of the impossible standards you set for yourself and love exactly who you are, right this very second—cellulite and all.

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