Brussels: The City of Cats [Video]

Brussels has cats on the brain.

Brussels has had a rough go of it recently. Last week, Brussels was under a five-day lockdown because of terrorist threats. The bright people of Brussels decided to take to social media to lighten things up by tweeting tons of photos of cats. Well, to help Brussels get its tourists back, officials are planning on making the city a cat-playground.

“Patrick Bontick, head of Brussels’ tourism office, said he hoped tourists would be reassured that authorities had taken all necessary measures to protect the city. He agreed with Van Eycken [a Brussels spokeswoman] that cats might be the solution.”

“Even in a bad situation, we can also have some humor in Brussels,” Bontick said. “We’re a surrealistic country,” he said, adding he hoped the cats would provide a “friendly” image of the city, Mashable reports.

Watch the video below to see the types of antics that went on during the lockdown. Man, those Brussels cats really know how to party!

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