Camping Without a Butler

One of the decisive trends for 2011 is nature. Pure, rustic nature. The call of the wild and the desire to mingle with Mother Nature will manifest in our homes, travel plans, and urban environments. As technology continues to present shiny little devices to keep us connected, our innate desire to disconnect grows stronger. Here are a few ideas of how the hunger for nature will impact the fresh new year.

Ever heard of glamping? It’s the adventure of camping with the addition of glamour (which, in my opinion, drastically dwindles the amount of adventure). Glamping is the latest five star brush with nature. Yes, I said five star. The overwhelming movement toward luxury glamping destinations over the last few years may be about to shift toward less luxury, think National Parks and outhouses. Nothing takes away the temptation to plug in more than a travel destination without outlets.

As all classes of travelers start to feel the itch, I foresee a respective swing for fresh air. Those dining at five star restaurants and staying at five star hotels may take up glamping in its most luxurious form (butlers who serve s’mores and maids to tend to the ‘tent’ is pure luxury from my point of view). Travelers who danced with glamping and slept in yurts last year may be inclined to brave a simple tent in a simple campground this year. And last year’s campground campers may take to the trails and invite adventure with a complete lack of amenities.

Traditional camping and temporary escapades with the wild isn’t the only way nature will establish a firm hold in 2011. In my humble opinion, the charm of nature will find a significant place in design and décor. Natural materials in natural states will continue to allure home owners with tonal wood emphasizing organic wood grain furniture, green leafy plants and succulents will permanently reside in prominent corners, and photography that captures a glimpse of the great outdoors will dangle on walls.

The inclination of nature in our lives isn’t just intrinsic (the decisions of travel and design), but extrinsic, too. The wisdom of urban planners is about to sprinkle some green in the concrete jungle. The untamed success of The High Line park (click here for more information) in Manhattan is the likely beginning of urban industrial park development in a city near you. Is there anything more poetic than lifeless industrial skeletons being revitalized into green escapes for urban dwellers? JWT Intelligence includes the development of urban industrial parks as one of its 100 Things to Watch in 2011. According to the clever creatives at JWT, Philadelphia, Berlin, and Chicago are already slating projects to rival the High Line (not an easy task).

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