Can Bulletproof Coffee Make You Thinner and Smarter?

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Step aside Latte and Americano. Bulletproof coffee is the hot new drink on the java block. Have you tried it yet?

The addition of butter to your cuppa joe? Yep, you read that right. Not only is this crazy seeming combo thought to enhance your caffeine experience but, possibly, your health and IQ too.

For those of us who are loyal to our daily grind, messing with our cuppa is not a welcome notion. We look forward to our daily brew and aren’t excited about switching it up. Most coffee drinkers have a signature drink, even if that is the standard black.

Coffee is big business in this country. While the US isn’t even in the top 10 for coffee consumed per capita, we are number one in the coffee retail market. We aren’t in this only for the jolt or because it tastes so darn good. Coffee is a daily ritual for many and also holds real health benefits. It’s a mood booster, memory enhancer, fat burner, and could possibly ward off dementia, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Still, too much of this good thing can lead to trouble. If you’ve ever overdone your caffeine buzz you are familiar with those jittery, scatter-brained, heart-thumping sensations. But what if you could add a more grounded feeling to your coffee drinking experience? What if you could lose weight and add to your healthfulness? What if you could even become smarter?

These are the claims of Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Coffee. While on a mountain climbing expedition in Tibet, Asprey was offered a cup of yak butter tea. The frothy, creamy blend left him so rejuvenated that he set out on a new mission. This one at home to discover what butter could do for coffee.

The result is a blend of toxin-free coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter, and coconut oil extract. Asprey says the combo offers satisfying energy for up to 6 hours, replaces your regular breakfast, and helps your body to burn fat all day long. The current high protein/low carb eating craze backs this last notion. He also says that the drink caused him to lose 100 pounds without exercising, boosted his IQ by 20 points, and enables him to sleep fewer hours while feeling more rested.

All great things, to be sure. But still, butter in your coffee? Asprey claims that butter lends the “benefits of healthy milk fat with none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream”. As for the toxin-free coffee? Obviously toxins are damaging to your health, but the Bulletproof Coffee founder says they also steal your energy and make you weak, where clean coffee contains healthy antioxidants. He recommends unsalted butter or ghee (clarified butter available at most health food stores), calling salted coffee a sin. I’d have to agree there.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Laura Klein, is a Bulletproof backer and drinks the blend every day. Here is what Laura had to say on her BPC practice:

How: “I’ve used both the Brain Octane and the coconut oil. And I add the grass fed butter which adds amazing flavor. I buzz it up in my Vitamix with a little honey and get an awesome frothy head (I love froth!).”

When: “I drink just one cup per day but it’s really a half cup of the coffee and half almond milk. Any more, and the caffeine makes me too jittery. I generally don’t skip breakfast, but maybe I might give it a try! I’m a breakfast eater and feel it’s necessary to keep my blood sugar stable (I stick to protein and stay away from a lot of carbs).”

Why: “I love the flavor and I love that it doesn’t give me a quick caffeine high and then a quick crash (which Is one of the reasons I stopped drinking coffee years ago and switched to tea). It gives me a caffeine buzz that is mellower and lasts longer, several hours (instead of several minutes).”

Note:  Laura has since tried skipping breakfast after drinking BPC and confirmed that it actually was enough to keep her energy up and hunger down until lunch.

An endorsement like Laura’s is hard to dismiss. So, I had to see what’s up with this drink for myself and fixed a cup. In my honest opinion, here are the pros and cons of going Bulletproof:

Pros: Tastes good. Very creamy and the coconut oil adds a slight touch of flavor without being like Whoa, coconut! It also makes each sip seem like you’ve applied a fresh coat of lipgloss. I used ghee and could not taste it at all. A good thing, in my book. And starting the day with a dose of healthy fats did seem to keep me running longer.

Cons: The effort. It takes more than a quick make ‘n pour, but is still fairly simple. Probably my least favorite part of the coffee was that the blending takes away, ever so slightly, the piping hotness that I love so much in my morning cup.

Overall, this coffee drink is palatable and offers a nice awake feel sans jitters. I certainly don’t advocate no exercise or running on 5 hours of sleep per night, as avoiding these two things won’t promote good health. But a tasty cup in the morning, complete with resilient energy…who doesn’t want that?

So what do you say? Are you going to give Bulletproof Coffee a try?

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