Lost In the Woods


Every now and then I stumble into (okay, accidentally “˜click’ into) a store that I love. I mean, really love. Today I will share one of these rare little shops with you; a delectable petite boutique in New York – Canvas. Felt, ceramics, glass, textiles, and wooden delights begging to live under your roof.

I have been dreaming of a reclaimed and salvaged wood hand-made butcher block counter for (literally) years. Until I get better acquainted with power tools (oh, and actually own a counter) – here’s a gathering of natural wood charms to hold me over. I got completely lost in the gorgeous cellulose commodities at Canvas, a beautiful place to rest the eyes. Infuse a little earth, nature, and warmth into your kitchen with the beautiful products above.

Clockwise from top left: Anglewood Chopping Board ($22 – 33), Birch Bowls ($72 – $210), Hand-Made Wood Cutting Boards ($48 – $115), and Round Wood Trays ($18 –  $115).

And just in case you need somewhere to rest your derriere in addition to resting your eyes, consider this Reclaimed Wood Seat ($290) complete with gorgeous grain and natural patina.


The entire gathering of products at Canvas is fairly perfect and worth perusing (I cannot even form the words to describe the degree to which I am pining after this sofa – swoon).