The Capsule Wardrobe Movement: Should You Wear the Same Thing Every Day?

Learn the wonderfully satisfying benefits of the capsule wardrobe movement.

The capsule wardrobe movement is a way to bring back sanity in the face of fast fashion and other crazy fashion trends. It’s the new uniform.

While many people are still caught up in that fashion buying gerbil wheel of always shopping for clothes and buying into the fashion industry’s marketing ploy of trends–what’s in and what’s out–others of us are into a more minimalist statement: enter the capsule wardrobe. Many fabulous and famous people have taken up the capsule wardrobe concept; mainly because it frees up so much more time and energy for living one’s life and doing things that matter and have a purpose. Think Steve Jobs.

The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to give up the fickle trends of the fashion world and the constant work of being on trend, and instead, focus more on actually living your life. Instead of building your wardrobe one frenzied purchase after another, you work to pare down your wardrobe to the truly classic and versatile pieces you need. The goal is to minimize, not super size your wardrobe, but to do so in a purposeful and smart way. Don’t worry; the goal is not to get rid of style but to make it truly effortless.

Key Benefits of the Capsule Wardrobe Movement

  • Less Stress – One argument for eschewing fast fashion and taking up the capsule movement is it can help reduce your stress. It’s so much easier to get ready for work when everything in your wardrobe goes with everything else!
  • Less Judgement – Let’s face it, the fashion world is filled with judgment. Focus on presenting yourself, not your outfit, to the world. It will change how others view you and allow you to judge others less as well.
  • More Time – With a commitment to the capsule movement there is definitely less time spent on shopping, trying on clothes, and figuring out what you are going to wear.
  • Less Stuff – Another boon is less waste and strain on the environment. Shopping for clothes based on trends leads to wasted resources and human rights violations. Stop the cycle.
  • More Money – By paring down to essential pieces, there is an opportunity to save some big moolah. Of course, you could translate that into more luxe essentials, but that’s entirely up to you!

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