Carpooling Helps the Wallet and the Environment


Not everyone is going to find the idea of biking to work practical or appealing. The distance might be too far. Or it might be that you’re physically unable to bike. Not to worry. There is another way to get to work in an environmentally and financially friendly way – carpooling.

Just as we’re challenging you to give up the bottle in 2009, we’re also asking you to consider another simple step to easing your pocketbook and helping the planet.

Joining with others who are traveling the same way as you can save you plenty of money. Check out this Carpooling Savings Calculator. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. All it takes is a little research and you could soon be sitting back and enjoying the ride knowing that you’re reducing the dent in your wallet while doing something positive for the environment.

Here’s some places to help you get started:

Commuters can check out sites such as,,, and to find carpooling buddies.

But it’s not just commuters who can benefit from carpooling. Families should have a look at, a site that helps organize carpools with families you know and trust. And concert and conference travellers should check out, a global ridesharing and carpooling community.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go.

Image: /kallu