Cast Iron Reasons to Go Back to Basics


Silicone’s useful in all sorts of way (here’s an example) – as long as it’s not overheated. That means non-stick pans and silicone kitchen implements are a worry.

So let’s get back to basics. Natural clay vessels look and cook great, as Bonnie has noted. But let’s not throw the metal out with the non-stick – because recycled iron makes the hottest kind of cookware, in every sense. Chip or scrape a totally iron pan, and you expose…more iron. So how long it lasts depends on how thick it is. What did folks of yore do before non-stick? They seasoned their cast iron cookware – and I bet most of it’s still in use today.

I’ve spotted a few outlets of recycled cast iron kitchenware. There’s the Japanese artisan range from Biome Lifestyle, 75% recycled from and apparently tried & tested in Japanese restaurants – or there’s the Lodge kitchenware distributed by EcoWise – or the UK’s Chasseur range made from over 80% recycled French iron.

These are precision instruments built to last, so they’re worth the few extra dollars. Look after them – and they’ll look after you.

Image: jurek d

Mike Sowden

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