Catalog Living: The World of the People Living in Your Catalogs

Where catalogs come alive!

On Catalog Living, one of our favorite websites, writer Molly Erdman brings a very intelligent sense of humor to the world of shelter catalogs, giving us a look into the fictional lives of characters Gary and Elaine. We’re lucky enough to have an EcoSalon exclusive Catalog Living guest post today, taking a peak at how Gary and Elaine feel about their sustainable lifestyles.

Gary, I don’t think you can call your desk stool “reclaimed wood” if you had to chop it down yourself in order to reclaim it.


Sure Elaine, we could upcycle our newspapers by decoupaging our shelves…or we could just stop getting a newspaper.



Gary and Elaine were starting to think the constant praise of their sustainable mango wood side table was going to its head.


Be sure to check out Catalog Living and Erdman’s book, Decorating Takes (Wicker) Balls.