Celebrity Knockoff: Blake Lively’s Vegas Party Look

EcoSalon: Celebrity Knockoff: Blake Lively

How to knock off Blake Lively’s Vegas party look, in true eco-fashion.

Making an outfit work with so many shiny elements is truly a challenge, but for the opening of Las Vegas club Marquee, pop culture sensation’s Gossip Girl Blake Lively rocked a Vegas look to the last sequin. Here’s how we would have sustainably re-styled her.

EcoSalon: Celebrity Knockoff: Blake Lively

Skinny Sequin Pants
While Lively’s blue sequin pants from Isabel Marant look absolutely stunning, we’ve found a more eco-savvy option for you: these (equally sparkly) leggings, handmade in San Francisco from deadstock fabric. The sequins don’t go all the way up the leg, which is practical but requires that you pair them with a longer top (which you’ll want to do anyway). They’re one-of-a-kind and made to order, so you can be sure no one else will be copying your style. (If you absolutely want blue ones, here’s another option from Etsy. No word on the eco-creds though.)
$79, Etsy/PeekoApparel

Chunky Glam Earrings
Any Vegas-inspired party look needs to be topped off with something sparkly dangling from your earlobes. These are handmade in Brooklyn, NY, from upcycled metals.
On sale for $65, DLC Brooklyn

Loose-Fitting Black Shirt
The way to pull off sequin pants without looking like you stepped out of an episode of Dynasty is to pair them with something casual, like a loose-fitting black shirt. We’re not sure where Blake found hers, but this one, by Loup Charmant, is made from soft 100% Organic cotton. Order one or two sizes up for that ultimate borrowed-from-my-boyfriend look that covers the top of the pants.
$220, Loup Charmant

Black Suede Booties
Instead of the Louboutins Miss Lively is rocking here (which are overpriced and notoriously uncomfortable), slip into these ethically made ones from Coclico. Your feet, wallet and conscience will thank you.
On sale for $276, Coclico

Chunky Ring
Big finger bling is as essential to a Vegas night on the town as champagne. This gorgeous one from Jamie Joseph features a large lapis lazuli stone, which nicely brings in that pop of blue color that we love in Lively’s look.
$685, Twist

Layered Gold Bracelets
In this case, more is more, so layer on those bracelets and let your wrist sparkle almost as much as your smile. These, from Lulu Frost, are made from vintage, upcycled jewelry. Combine with a few of your own, and you’ve got the look down.
Multi Chain Bracelet, $265 & Heirloom Bracelet, $360, both Lulu Frost

Johanna Björk

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