Is Cell Phone Radiation Causing Breast Cancer?

Woman storing cell phone in bra

Young women everywhere are tucking their cell phones into their bras – but is cell phone radiation putting them at risk for breast cancer?

Bras are the new purse: When you’re all dolled up with everywhere to go, it’s the perfect place to stash your credit cards, cash, keys, iPod and cell phone for easy access (especially when you don’t have a boyfriend to sucker in with, “Babe, can you hang onto this for me?”). It’s become so commonplace there are now bras available (like the JoeyBra) that double as a convenient – and literal – carry-all.

However, scientists are starting to link breast cancer with cell phone radiation. Young women across the globe are coming forward with stories of breast cancer diagnoses and an alarming pattern: The location of the tumors line up perfectly with where they used to store their cell phones.

Such was the case for Tiffany Frantz, who recently appeared on The Doctor Oz Show. At just 21 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’d been keeping her cell phone in her bra for the past four years, and after the diagnosis she and her parents began to connect the dots. She was young and healthy, had no family history, and didn’t have the breast cancer gene. The only other culprit in her lifestyle was how she carried her cell phone.

It’s been two years since her diagnosis. After undergoing a mastectomy on her left breast and reconstructive breast surgery, she’s spreading the word to women everywhere: Make your bra a no phone zone. Tiffany’s also part of a new study dedicated to finding a direct link between cell phone radiation and breast cancer.

Although it’s still considered a myth that cell phone radiation causes breast cancer, why take the chance? I’d much rather heed the warning now instead of threatening my health and future – especially when the solution is such an easy fix.

Are you concerned about the effects of cell phone radiation on your health?

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