Chan + Krys: Ethical Fashion Essentials for Dapper Dames


Hailing from the chic streets of New York City and San Francisco, the founders of CHAN+KRYS are offering up a collection ethical fashion essentials for the sleek urban fashionista. The womenswear garments are inspired by the clean-cut and tailored look of menswear combined with the effortless ease of simple, wardrobe basics.


CHAN +KRYS was founded by Chantale and Krystalrae (hence the name), both of whom have strong backgrounds in sewing, art and design. After making their way as designers in the fashion industry in NYC, the duo decided to work together despite the fact that Krestalrae moved to San Francisco and they now live on opposite coasts. After working in an environmentally harmful and ethically unjust industry, the two designers decided that they “couldn’t continue to turn a blind eye to the negative effects of the industry on people and the environment. Our next endeavour had to be ethical, if nothing else.”


With a staunch commitment to creating positive and eco friendly fashion that didn’t sacrifice quality or style, Chantale and Krystalrae decided to take on the production of a collection that was locally and ethically made out of eco-friendly materials. All pieces in their collection are made from a combination of organic cotton, hemp and Cupro that are sourced from local, reliable wholesalers. The entire collection is produced by hand in the New York Garment District through small batch production. Not only is the production process sound, but even the packaging used is recycled and naturally biodegradable, and the label is committed to carbon neutral shipping. The two designers are also committed to a Zero Waste Policy, creatively recycling and repurposing any excess materials that their production processes might incur.


The refined and elegant silhouettes of the CHAN+KRYS collection are artfully combined with edgy and trendy cuts and details for a casual cool look. The concept behind the collection is one of timelessness and seasonless pieces that aim to “reinvent and extend the conventional wardrobe.” Check out the CHAN+KRYS online shop to view their Spring 2015 collection – inspired by new beginnings and looks with meaning + purpose.