Climate Change Hurts Winter Sports, Maple Syrup & Fishing Industries (to Name a Few)


Every 10 years, the United States Global Change Research Program is required to report on how climate change is affecting the United States.

The latest Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States report, released this week, is a comprehensive 188-page document written with the assistance of 13 federal agencies and John Holdren, President Obama’s science advisor.

Dealing only in cold, hard facts, the report outlines the many detrimental effects that global warming is already having on activities, industries, wildlife, the landscape and even health around the country.

This latest report highlights everything from the fact that the core of the domestic maple syrup industry has shifted from the U.S. to Canada to the fact that nation’s $7.6 billion winter sports industry is on the decline with opportunities to ice fish, ski, and snowmobile being reduced due to increased temperatures causing less snow.

It makes for fairly sober reading.

Read the full report here or check out the two-page regional factsheets for your area.