Climate Change Chocolate: a Sweet Way to Save the Earth


Now you can feel like the eco-friendly version of Willie Wonka.
Bloomsberry & Co. and TerraPass, a popular destination for buying carbon offsets, have joined forces in creating Climate Change Chocolate bars – 3.5 ounces of melt-in-your-mouth bliss.

The golden wrapper has an outer layer filled with gentle tips on how you can better green your world, like opting for the clothesline instead of the dryer; fixing leaky faucets; growing your own herbs; buying local produce, and washing cloths in cold water.

With each bar sold TerraPass will purchase 133 pounds of verified carbon offsets, enough to balance one’s average daily contribution to climate change.

Log on to TerraPass to check out current greenhouse gas emission projects that they support (and that you can become involved with). Look for creative designs from Marital Bliss, to Peace on Earth, to Emergency Chocolate, to Climate Change, Smooch, and Oral Pleasure.

These yummy bars can be found at Whole Foods or online.