Closet Stories: Organic Perfumer Amanda Walker’s Power Jewelry

Amanda Walker approaches her jewelry box with the same kind of statement-making spirit she does the creation of scents.

For her company A Perfume Organic, Amanda Walker designs scents using equal parts experience and imagination.

She’s inspired by memories as wide-ranging as the jelly bracelets and cherry Chapsticks of her childhood to a current weekend walk in the woods smelling tree bark and dirt. Besides being incredible, layered and sophisticated, Walker’s scents are all certified organic, a step she saw as an extra assurance to herself and her customers of her awareness and commitment to sustainable principles and true health. Whereas many mainstream perfumes contain potential toxins, Walker’s scents are designed to possess health benefits. “Anything you apply to your skin,” she says, “is absorbed into your blood stream and can therefore benefit you.”

Walker approaches her jewelry collection with the same statement-making mentality as she does her scents. Her favorite pieces are a ring that has been with her for a long time and a newly acquired necklace.

“The ring was my first piece of ‘real’ jewelry. It’s by Stephen Dweck, made from bronze and faceted amber. I purchased it with my first couple paychecks from my first job in New York when I first moved here. I was doing marketing for Perkins Eastman Architecture firm and it was a super difficult job, seriously tough boss and I really wanted to spoil myself. Without fail, I’m always complimented on it. It constantly reminds me of how hard work can be rewarding.”

When it comes to jewelry, it’s incredible how “power-pieces” like this can work wonders for our confidence.

“The second piece is by House of Waris. I just discovered this brand and it’s the newest addition to my wardrobe. I was first introduced to Waris when a colleague wore a similar necklace to the office (hers was red and her desk was right next to mine). I was instantly obsessed and searched for days trying to find a similar piece. The words on the necklace means ‘Love Conquers All’ in Latin. I totally agree. I never wore it to the office though… and never told my colleague I bought it.” (See top image.)

Sometimes, what we wear closest to our hearts can possess meaning that is a secret to everyone but you. Keeping some mystery on our everyday lives is what makes it all so much more interesting.

Johanna Björk

Johanna is a sustainable fashion writer currently based in Ojai, CA. Read her weekly On Trend column to learn what's new in eco fashion.