Collaborative Lactation? Alicia Silverstone Launches Breast Milk Sharing Program

feeding baby

Alicia Silverstone hopes to provide assistance to fellow vegan moms who are struggling to feed their newborns breast milk.

We’ve heard of car sharing, bike sharing, and other collaborative consumption efforts, but what about sharing breast milk? Your initial reaction might be shock, but it’s actually not uncommon for women to supplement their own milk production in times of emergency or physical inability. There are both formal “milk banks” and informal sharing circles.

Now, actress, author, and vegan activist, Alicia Silverstone, has launched her own peer-to-peer breast milk sharing program, called “Kind Mama Milk Share.” The program is intended to provide an alternative for those mothers who have made the decision to be vegan, and want to raise their newborns in the same way.

On her blog, The Kind Life, Silverstone recounts the experience that inspired her to start the milk share.

A couple weeks ago, another mama I know gave birth to a son…because of a breast reduction surgery, she found she wouldn’t be able to make enough milk for him, no matter how much precious boobie time they spent together. She tried reaching out in her community for donor milk, but it was almost impossible to figure out what kind of lifestyle choices the donors had made.”

Vegan mothers who find themselves in similar situations are often forced to turn to formulas in order to ensure proper caloric intake. Yes, there are vegan formulas, but just like the dairy-based version, it’s a poor substitute for mother’s milk.

In a move that clearly plans to mobilize Silverstone’s significant online following, she’s encouraging vegan mothers who need milk to connect with those who have extra milk by commenting on her website. There are already more than 100 comments offering or requesting milk on the post, though it’s unclear whether Silverstone will be creating a dedicated page for “Kind Mama Milk Share”.

Would you participate in a sharing program of this nature or encourage your friends to do so? Share your thoughts in a comment. 

Image: maessive