Colorstrology: A Horoscope, Except with Color


When I found a little something called Colorstrology, my heart skipped at least three beats. Just as your day of birth lends you an astrological sign, it also lends a specific color that offers insight into your personality. After perusing Colorstrology, I am utterly infatuated.

Here is an excerpt with insight from Michele Bernhardt (the creator of the Colorstrology site):

“The colors that we see all around us are a reflection of the sun’s light in all its glory. It is magic made visible. There is nothing more miraculous, unexpected or wondrous than seeing a rainbow appear in the sky. You are part of that rainbow of light and just as being born on a particular day under a particular Sun sign offers insights into your personality and nature, there is also a personal color that corresponds to the real you. It is a color that reflects the very essence of your specific birth date. There is a world of possibilities contained in each day of birth.”

Click over to Colorstrology and start your obsession. After the scintillation site introduction, click on your birth month and learn a little bit about your personality. Then click on your specific birthday (by clicking on the calendar near the top of the site) and explore the depths of your character.

My color is sunflower (Pantone 16-1054), which I see gracefully lounging on the ceiling in the perfect photograph above (by Michael Eastman). In the interest of (not so subtle) narcissism, here is what Colorstrology had to say about me.

“You are not afraid to fight for what you want. You have the ability and strength and know-how to persevere in the face of adversity. You are a generous and loving person and quietly lend a helping hand to a great many people. Your personal color helps ease your tenacious spirit. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Sunflower inspires calm as you continue to learn, explore and attain the many goals that you have on your horizon.”

After scrutinizing and evaluating my personal color, I also lingered around long enough to look up the personal colors of just about everyone I know. It is only fair to warn you that this lovely little place of color palettes is somewhat addicting.

So, what’s your color?!