Guest Post: Paul Smith on Compostable Plates: Hold the Granola, Please


I’m all for living la vida verde and being a good global citizen, but I have to say, most of the eco friendly plates I’ve come across are just so…homely. And they don’t stand up to anything beyond a light
salad without wilting, for the most part.

That is, until I came across the plates made by Verterra. They’re made from palm leaves, in intriguing shapes, and look like wood. And they’re no compromise: you can cook with them! Halibut without a problem, on a platter that impresses. What else do you need? Compostability, yes. That’s no problem, as these plates compost in 3 months or less. Perfect for the eco-friendly picnic! (Prices vary but the cost isn’t much more than standard disposables.)

Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Paul Smith of GreenSmith Consulting. Thanks, Paul!