14 Awesome Cookbooks We Wish Someone Would Write: Foodie Underground


ColumnBored with your cookbooks? Here’s what you really want to read but were afraid to admit.

Tired of the same old titles popping up at the bookstore? Here are the cookbooks you really wish you could track down.

  1. How to Infuse Everything With Kale and Other Leafy Greens
  2. The 100 Dishes That Will Most Likely Lead to a Third Date and then a Wedding
  3. How to Pretend You Eat Well When You’re in a Room of Really Wholesome People
  4. Fancy Sounding Dishes for Lazy Cooks: How to Impress Even When You Don’t Have Time
  5. I Just Want to Eat Food: A Guide to Tasty Things You’ll Actually Have Time to Make
  6. Food-Porn Free: 100 Delicious Dishes That Will Never Photograph Well, From Stew to Goulash
  7. I Don’t Know Where to Buy Chia and Other First World Food Tribulations
  8. One Ingredient Recipes
  9. Make This Non-Vegan, Gluten-Filled, Sugar Dense Cake and Like It
  10. Pick Up Lines for Foodies: Sexy Sentences to Find Your Mate
  11. No More Big Ag in Your Breakfast
  12. Home Alone on a Saturday and Crying: A Guide to Comfort Food
  13. Sage, Fennel, and Rosemary: An A to Z Guide for Using Complicated Sounding Herbs
  14. Make This in 11 Minutes But Make People Think It Took Two Hours

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