Corporate Style: not an Oxymoron


Having survived for over a year as a freelancer, I forget what it’s like to be part of the corporate world. Thinking back to those years, I remember my constant struggle with dressing office-appropriate while still looking stylish. When faced with a business casual or off-campus event, one has to get creative. Thankfully, some of this season’s looks make it a little easier.

You can never go wrong with high waisted – in the office or not – and I think this organic John Patrick number is the perfect solution. These cuffed plaid pants fashioned from recycled wool are both high waisted and wide leg, ensuring you’re office ready. Aim for feminine-masculine by pairing the trousers with a ruffled blouse, cropped vest, and the highest of eco-booties. You’ll turn heads from 9-5 and beyond. ($385)