Countertop Composting


Why throw away bits and ends that can be used to fertilize your lawn and enrich your garden soil? Almost any organic material can be used – composting is a spectacular way to recycle kitchen and garden refuse.

Composting can seem a serious endeavor, not for the faint of nose or easily distracted. Why? Because when I think compost, I smell odors in my kitchen. But collecting scraps doesn’t have to be an unpleasant process, especially not if you have one of these attractive and compact containers that stand at the ready on your counter-top.

Leak-proof and odor free, this cute blue ceramic honey pot ($29.95) will hold up to 1 gallon of your composting ingredients in between your trips out to the compost heap. I also found one in stainless steel ($59.95) and white ceramic ($29.95). They come with a charcoal filter for odor, as well as 100% biodegradable bags that can be thrown into the pile as well.

So whatever your kitchen decor – country, contemporary or simply white – there’s a compost container created just for you.

Image: Plow & Hearth