Creativebug: What Will You Make Today?

A new series of how-to videos aims to inspire crafters.

Sometimes its not about looking for the answer to a problem, it’s making sure you’re asking the right question. When it comes to the issues caused by our addiction to overconsumption – global warming, deforestation, pollution and animal extinction – a growing number of people are asking the surprisingly simple question, “What will you make today?”

Creativebug, a new series of how-to videos for DIY’ers, recently launched to inspire you. For $25 a month, subscribers have unlimited access to a continuously updated library of creative workshops in knitting, crochet, sewing, jewelry, entertaining, home decorating and kids crafts.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a pattern. Make a print. Make a difference.

The site features some of the country’s biggest talents, including Debbie Stoller, Stitch ‘n Bitch, Heather Ross, Weekend Sewing, Christine Schmidt, Print Workshop and EcoSalon favorite, Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin.

Natalie Chanin’s workshops premiered this week.

This is not your average YouTube type tutorial. Creativebug’s state of the art audio and video production quality, short video segments and entertaining presentation make the videos accessible to artists of all skill levels.

“We want everyone to have access to world‐class instructors regardless of where they live and to learn when it’s convenient for them,” says Jeanne Lewis, Founder and CEO of Creativebug. “We believe everyone has a creative side and we offer an affordable and accessible way to learn new skills.”

The empowering mantras of the crafter, “Do it yourself,” “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” might just be the best way to achieving sustainability. The joy of creating things that have meaning to us, these are the things we’ll want to keep.

Like what you see? Stay tuned. We’ll be featuring one of Creativebug’s how-to videos weekly on a new series here on EcoSalon.

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.