Bulb Naked

The Plumen 001 is a gorgeous compact florescent light bulb.

There are a handful of adverbs that swirl around the presence of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), efficient, effective, energy saving, eco friendly, functional and economical, But gorgeous rarely comes to mind – until now. The Plumen 001 light bulb is gorgeous, curvaceous, organic, and just plain pretty (in addition to all those pragmatic CFL adjectives). The Plumen 001 bulb also lasts eight times longer and uses 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Product design company Hulger commissioned Samuel Wilkinson to design the aesthetic wonder. The bulb’s ornamental nature earns its name from plume (a large or especially ornamental feather), and in addition to my admiration, the “beautifully innovative” low energy bulb just won the 2011 Brit Insurance Design of the Year.

It’s strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination.

Not anymore. The standard CFL bulb is a moral obligation. The Plumen 001 is a bulb to lust after, with a silhouette gorgeous enough to take center stage, naked.

The single drawback of the Plumen 001? It isn’t currently usable in the U.S.

I say it’s time to revolt.