DailyWorth: Because We’re Worth It

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Money. Women are earning more than ever, yet when it comes to finance, many of us aren’t quite as savvy as we could be. Consumer culture is epitomized in women’s glossies. We’re taught to spend, spend, spend – and told we don’t know how to save, save, save. A life that’s both sustainable and stylish: right. Saving for that trip to Paris – that’s going to happen how? Working an eco-friendly wardrobe, forking it over for a Prius, and shoring up that nest egg Suze Orman has drilled into our brains that we must have? Even the most cash-flush could use a tip or two.

And while it’s more societal stereotype than truth that women aren’t as skilled in managing their money as men (boys do like their toys), talking about money is uncomfortable. We’d just as soon hear our moms talk about their sex lives. We dish with our girlfriends about divorce, dating, kids, husbands, friends, our periods, or moods, our careers, our bosses, our up-to-the-minute status reports of our latest gray hair, yet money is often a topic that induces awkward silences and coughs for another round of cocktails.

Enter DailyWorth. Fuss-free, no-nonsense, wouldn’t-even-think-about-patronizing financial tips, guides and advice for women. From growing your savings, making your money work for you (instead of the credit card company), and ensuring you negotiate a pay raise on par with the guys, DailyWorth takes women and money seriously. Because we’ve come a long way, baby, and so have our bank accounts.

At EcoSalon we explore the conscious approach in every facet of life, from health and food to sex and living to style and design. We may come from a place of holistic green values, but it’s the other green – money – that still makes the world go round. It’s time we all start talking about it. No woman, whether designer or barista, architect or attorney, should feel she isn’t in charge of her finances. That’s why we like DailyWorth and are happy to feature them for you (Alicia Silverstone over at The Kind Life likes them, too).

Subscription is free, so we encourage you to try DailyWorth today! Delivered daily to your inbox, with just the right amount of kick in the pants.

Daily Worth: Know Your Worth.

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