Danger: Cutout Dresses Walking This Way



Hells bells. Stop eating that Halloween candy, girl!

Like an epiphany, it dawned on me today that spring is just five months away, and I chucked my Heath Bar into the compost. True, we’re scarcely into winter, but the spring fashion alert is already on: Cutouts are everywhere and will be forcing us to bare regions more sacred than Area 51 (that’s the nether land just under your armpit, by the way).

Pieces like the one above, by Poppomomo, which I love, invite us to engage personal trainers to target Area 51 proper.

And this little ditty from Reif screams I’m pretty from the front, but what about my back? Is it tight enough? Moles all in a row?


Lara Miller isn’t remiss, either, with her floor-length goddess dress. I want to wear high ponytails just like her model. It says, Hey, I left the gym and just happened to throw this on.


Isn’t there any rest for the wicked who love pies, hearty soups and fresh-baked cookies?

Apparently not. So pay heed, oh darling bundled one, in your over-sized organic cotton number, in your Peruvian Highland wool and stretchy skinny jeans: Five months from now, you will be asked to bare.

Will you be ready for this warmer weather trend?

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.